Why Aomori Public University has a high employment rating

Graduate Employment Data [2018]
Our graduate employment rate in 2018 stands at 99.7%, as of May 1, 2019.

Reasons for High Graduate Employability

1.The University has a team of experts in recruitment, with a wide-range of knowledge of the recruitment procedure of most major companies in the country.

Our career and employment consultants have vast knowledge and experience of the labour market in various fields such as HR, recruitment, education, system and personnel management, health and safety, to name but a few. Having worked extensively in the Human Resources and General Affairs Division of major companies across the country, they provide tailored recruitment advice to students based on the industry and/or company requirements within which they wish to gain employment.

2.We run various recruitment support events, as well as individual consultations

We organise a variety of recruitment events throughout the year to support our students. These events include job fairs, seminars, joint corporate briefings, and one-to-one consultation sessions. During the events, our consultants provide useful information about current employment trends and recruitment needs. Students are also able to speak directly to them, asking questions that they may have. In addition to that, we have three (3)  experienced consultants that are available on a daily basis to assist students.

3.Unique Approach to Information Acquisition and Dissemination

We work closely with local, regional and national companies and employers to obtain information about recruitment opportunities and vacancies. These information are then relayed to our students.

4.Support available to Students from Faculty and Staff Members via Web Resources

Faculty, and members of staff share information on employment such as vacancies, and recruitment information on the University’s IntraWeb system. These information can be accessed by students at anytime and from anywhere.

5.Active Promotion of Internships

Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the workplace and work-life in general, for future readiness.